“Colombo is a full of activity and exciting place”



The main city and the profitable, manufacturing and enriching assets of Sri Lanka is Colombo. Adjacent to Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte village or the assembly assets of Sri Lanka, Colombo city is located near to the west coast of the isle. The region capital of Colombo District and the organizational capital of Western Province is also Colombo. By means of a combination of up to date life plus majestic buildings with the population of concerning 752,993 in the metropolis, Colombo is a full of activity and exciting place. Earlier than Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte, Colombo was the supporting capital of Sri Lanka.

“Colombo Harbor opens buys and sells routes beside the East-West Sea”

However, the city was known to earliest businessmen 2,000 years ago because of great Colombo harbor plus its planned place beside the East-West Sea buys

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and sells routes. In 1815, after Sri Lanka was give up to the British territory and in 1948, when the state became sovereign, it was completed the capital of the island. Colombo was designated as the profitable assets of Sri Lanka in 1978 as soon as organizational functions were brought to Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte.

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Colombo’s natural features are a combine of ground plus water. The metropolis has a lot of canals plus, in the spirit of the metropolis,

Independence square-Colombo


the 160-acre Beira Lake. The Lake is single of the the majority characteristic landmarks of Colombo, in addition to it was used designed for centuries by colonists to protect the metropolis. The city remains a well-liked appeal and dramatic events on its shoreline. The Kelani River had viagra or cialis over the counter produced The Northern as well as North-Eastern edge of the metropolis of Colombo that meets the marine in a division of the metropolis known as the Modera that means waterway delta.

Nationalities live in Colombo

A multi-racial, multi-artistic city is Colombo. Small communities of populace with Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch, Malay, in addition to Indian origins combine of numerous cultural groups, largely Sri Lankan Moors, Sinhalese, and Tamils and so on. The most crowded city is Colombo along with the 642,163 populace is livelihood inside the metropolis limits.

The city has passionately varying building that period canadian viagra prices centuries as well as show a lot of styles. The Portuguese, Dutch and British had been influenced Colonial buildings which is the together with structures built in Buddhist, Islamic, Hindu, Indian and fashionable architectural styles. The Fort region will have more manifest. Most of the amenities in the modern city is Colombo. Colombo has the uppermost amount of communications compare to other parts of the country.

Tourist attractions in Colombo

Old parliment colombo

Old parliment-colombo

Below are some of the attractive places you can visit during Colombo tour,

  • Galle face green
  • Gangarama Temple
  • Seemamalakaya
  • BMICH (Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall )
  • Freedom Square
  • Old cialispillsforsale-onlinerx Parliament
  • Town hall
  • Colombo Museum

Key hotels in Colombo City:

  • Colombo City Hotel
  • The Kingsbary Hotel
  • Hilton Hotel
  • Colombo Courtyard hotel
  • Cinnamon Lakeside Hotel
  • Cinnamon Grand Colombo
  • Galleface Hotel
  • Galadari Hotel
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